Helen H. Conrad
 fine art
                                                             Botanical Art & Illustration           Animal & People Portraits

 watercolor and colored pencil
print image: 6" x 8"

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"Anne's Garden"
pastel, ink, colored pencil
print image: 4" x 7"

colored pencil
print image: 6.5" x 6.5"

​Gallery 1:  Flora

"Grape Hyacinth"
watercolor, colored pencil
 framed original for sale     $325
print image: 6" x 7.5"

"Trout Lily"
watercolor, colored pencil, ink
print image: 8" x 10" 

"Beta Vulgaris"   
pen & ink
   print image: 7.5" x 10" 

Available as limited edition giclee prints and greeting cards.

"Happy Glad"
mixed media
framed original for sale:  $325
print image: 8" x 10"

print image: 6.5" x 7.5"

print image:  7.5" x 10"

"Fruit & Veggies"
print image : 6" x 8"

"Carolina Jasmine"
watercolor and colored pencil
framed original for sale      $325
print image: 7"x 7"

"Gerber Daisy"
print image:  4" x 8.5"

2018. All copyrights reserved. Helen H. Conrad

"Fall Dance"
print image: 6" x 6.5"

"February Thaw"
print image: 5.5" x 10"

"Japanese Anemones"
watercolor, colored pencil, graphite
framed original for sale:  $350
print image 8" x 10"

"Eastern Red Cedar"
print image: 5" x 6"

​(available as holiday card with message)

"American Holly"
print image: 4" x 5"

(available as holiday card with message)

"Beauty Berry"
watercolor and colored pencil
print image: 6"x 8"

colored pencil
print image: 6" x 6"